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The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. has provided the following Frequently Asked Questions with their associated answers to assist business owners, CPAs, Bookkeepers and other prospective clients learn more about our services:

Will My Printers work with your Service?
Yes. We have thousands of users across the world along with different printers working with our service.

Are You Licensed to Host Quickbooks?
Yes. We are a Authorized Commercial Hosting company for Intuit. Our company has passed all of the certification requirements to host all of Intuit's Products. We are the top service provider for Quickbooks Hosting in the country.

Are You Licensed to Host Sage Software?
Yes. We are a Sage partner and certified in all of Sage Software products.

How much does the service cost?
The cost depends on the applications we are hosting. We have many add-ons such as Microsoft Office or SQL that will change your price. We can host most applications. Please contact us so we can help with your application hosting needs.

Do I have to use a specific version of the application to host?
No. supports all versions of all products. As a certified Intuit Solutions Provider and Sage Software Partner we have experienced personnel that can assist you with any version you may have.

How can I be certain my payroll data and other financial data is secure?
Our Atlanta, Georgia data center relies on a Cisco backbone, which includes multiple layers of active Cisco firewall's for security. With firewall's also configured for fail over, your data is still protected even if a firewall was to go offline.

Will I really have 24/7 access to my system data and be able to remote access it from anywhere?
No matter where you are in the world, our remote access securely serves your application as they were originally intended by the software publisher. With our fully redundant high-speed connections and dedicated servers, you and your staff can work anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection without delays or hesitation that are common at peak times with other service providers.

How do you back up my data?
All of your data is maintained in a database by your application. We take extra special care of the database by backing it up nightly to multiple terabyte drives at our Atlanta, Georgia data center. We hold data for up to 15 days. Data can be held longer if desired at additional cost.

I own my own software already. Do I still have to pay to for an additional license(s)?
No, if you have your own license you will not need to purchase an additional one for this service. Your licenses will not be shared and will remain your own.

Can the system be accessed by more than one user at the same time?
Yes, the only limitation is the amount of users for your application. However, to support concurrent access, each user must have a license.

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Can I create my own PDF's from my application?
Yes, you can generate and e-mail PDF's directly from your software. This is a function provided by the software itself.

How many company files can I use from within the system?
It depends of the software you are does not have a limitation on company data files. We can also allocate disk space on your needs.

Do You Support Software Add-Ons?
As a certified partner with the products we host, we can host just about any add-on that is technically possible to host. We always will verify with the software publisher if the add-on is compatible for hosting.


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