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mas 500 hostingProven Leader for MAS 500 Hosting with hundreds of satisfied customers across the U.S.A. Call for pricing information. staff are experts at hosting Sage MAS 500. We are finding that many of the customers that have MAS 500 want to host due to the cost to maintain a SQL server. If you add the cost to purchase and maintain SQL and hardware to run it you will find that the cost of ownership out weighs the cost of hosting by a wide margin.

More Sage partners and customers choose over any other hosting providers when it comes to hosting MAS 500.

The Sage MAS 500 distribution solution is a robust suite of modules that work synergistically to provide advanced capabilities for tracking, managing, and replenishing inventory and managing warehouse operations through the entire distribution cycle, from purchasing to stocking, all the way through sales. The Inventory Management, Inventory Replenishment, Warehouse Management, StarShip, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Advanced Kitting, and eOrder modules integrate seamlessly, so valuable data is always available when you need it.

While each module works well independently, the complete distribution suite provides a solution that offers unparalleled efficiency and control. Specially designed features include comprehensive inventory demand forecasting, a Web-integrated product catalog, flexible sales and returns processing, and automated procurement. The Sage MAS 500 distribution solution empowers you to strategically manage every aspect of the distribution cycle from increasing your cash flow by reducing carrying costs to improving customer retention by stocking the products they need.

Please contact us for pricing on MAS 500 Hosting. Each system may require 2 dedicated servers depending on the amount of users and configuration. currently hosts MAS 500 customers from 5 users to 125 users and include SQL and Microsoft office with every server. erp businessworks application hosting engineering team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of the service for MAS 500 in the industry. The reliability of our network keeps our clients up and running with a 99.9% uptime.

Every MAS 500 configuring is different for hosting. Please call for pricing for the configuration you will need to host.

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